How to clean the residues after installing the distribution cabinet?

The resident distribution cabinet shall be both beautiful and safe. Distribution box they distribute the electromagnetic energy of a certain line of the upper level substation equipment to the nearby load. This level of facilities provides maintenance, monitoring and manipulation of loads. The power cabinet is composed of motor control cabinet that provides energy for all normal operation of the whole equipment, including circuit breaker, isolation switch, AC contactor, frequency converter, high-voltage switch cabinet and transformer. The high-voltage switchgear is a kind of electrical equipment. The internal and external wires of the high-voltage switchgear go to the main control chip power switch in the cabinet first, and then go to the sub control power switch. Each is set separately according to its own requirements. For example, instrument panel, automatic control, magnetic power switch of motor, various DC contactors, etc. some are also equipped with high-voltage switch cabinet of high-voltage room and low-voltage room, and high-voltage bus, such as power station, etc. some are also equipped with low cycle load shedding for key facilities.

After the assembly, the residues in the distribution cabinet shall be removed.

1. The domestic distribution cabinet is divided into two types: shell type and plastic shell type, including heavy load type and dark load type. The shell is complete.

2. The system bus of the wiring server cabinet should be set to zero, and the wire connectors, live wires and zero wires should be maintained separately, with good insulation layer on the premise of excellent performance.

3. The air switch mounting bracket shall be leveled and smooth, with sufficient indoor space. The door leaf of the power distribution cabinet shall have a full transparent inspection window.