Requirements for attention during installation of distribution cabinet

1. As for the selection of the installation position of the distribution cabinet, in the specific installation and use process, if the place of the distribution box is not perfect or is different from the specific site regulations, the assembly staff should submit the modification suggestions to the design scheme enterprise as soon as possible, and the design scheme should carry out multi-dimensional design conception according to the construction drawings or carry out survey at the specific construction site, In addition, the specific assembly position of the distribution box must be actually specified under the condition that the actual requirements are met and the appearance cannot be harmed.

2. It is the professional skill of a qualified electrician to define the effective assembly position according to the specific requirements of the construction site, specify the relative height of assembly and firmly assemble the distribution box according to the standard. The relative height between the bottom of the distribution box and the road surface is generally 1.4m according to the standard, which can also see the operation process and maintenance convenience. The relative height of assembly can be appropriately increased or reduced with the permission of the design scheme department.

The installation height of large-scale multi distribution boxes in the same site shall be uniform. The assembly of distribution boxes shall be flat, solid, and the flatness error shall not be too large. The connection between the incoming and outgoing threading pipe of the open pipe distribution box and the distribution box shall be tight, solid, delicate and beautiful.

3. The transmission line shall be connected closely and firmly. The shell shall be provided with reliable neutral terminal block and grounding terminal block. The connection between the transmission line, three-phase and five wire of switching power supply and the outgoing line of load group and the electronic components in the distribution box shall be close and firm without looseness. The stripped wire of the transmission line shall be as short as possible, the copper wire shall not be exposed, and the crimping shall be close. The distribution box shall be provided with complete neutral point wiring terminal, The shell must be equipped with solid and reliable grounding protection terminal block.

According to the standard, the connection between power transmission lines and electrical components must be equipped with elastic sealing rings and pressed firmly.

4. The color of the transmission line shall be selected according to the standard. When wiring in the three-phase power distribution box, the three-phase five wire switching power supply, the outgoing line of the load group and the electrode connecting line of the electrical components in the box shall be selected according to the standard. That is, phase A is light yellow, phase B is turquoise green, phase C is bright red, and the neutral point is light blue or gray black. The grounding wire is yellow / green, and it is forbidden to use yellow / green as other transmission lines. The connection of incoming and outgoing lines in the box shall be careful and the sequence shall be tight.

The electrode connecting lines of electrical components shall be arranged horizontally and vertically, neat and beautiful. The bending radius at the corner shall not be less than 6 times of the outer diameter of the transmission line, and the capacity of each group of connected transmission lines shall be bundled.

5. Keep the inside and outside of the box clean and tidy, and clearly mark the serial number of the distribution box. After the installation of the distribution cabinet is completed, the dirt shall be removed and kept clean and tidy. The application field and serial number of the electrical equipment circuit shall be clearly marked on the surface of the distribution box to facilitate future maintenance.