What are the precautions for power construction?

What is not too lacking in our life is the power engineering. When we can not use electricity, it will bring inconvenience to our daily life and endanger our daily work. That is why we have the staff to overhaul the power engineering. When such power engineering construction staff are carrying out their daily work, What are the things that they must do seriously and take care of to ensure their own safety and other people's lives?

1、 Wear safety protection weapons and equipment

The construction of multi-functional power engineering will be carried out under the condition that the cables at high places are damaged. When the maintenance personnel receive the daily maintenance task, they must determine the natural environment for maintenance and carry out the preparation of safety equipment according to the differences and characteristics of the indoor environment, Only when the relative safety protection and safety devices are fully prepared can it be ensured that the maintenance workers will not be easily damaged because they do not wear safety weapons and equipment.

2、 Careful maintenance

Electric power construction companies in traditional industries generally require employees to carefully and seriously deal with the problems when carrying out repairs. Since a series of safety production accidents will be caused if employees are not fully absorbed in the maintenance process, It will also continue to delay the progress of emergency repair of electric power, causing more and more people to become more and more anxious and impatient due to lack of application of electric power projects and unable to seriously carry out daily life.

3、 Check whether special tools are lost before leaving

After repairing the electric power project, the wire maintenance staff will check the repair tools to avoid ignoring the missing repair tools. Only after checking the total number of special tools is appropriate can the maintenance staff be prevented from paying for the lost special tools themselves. The precondition for safety is not only to protect themselves, but also to maintain the repair tools to prevent the defects and habits that lead to the loss.

After understanding the above three things that maintenance workers should pay attention to in the whole process of power engineering construction, we can understand that only when we do everything carefully at any time and place can we not put ourselves in a risk situation, nor will we let others suffer damage due to our own fault. We should carefully check the integrity of weapons and equipment to protect ourselves from electric shock accidents during work. While protecting yourself, you are actually protecting others.