The distribution cabinet manufacturer will introduce the structure of PLC control cabinet

The distribution cabinet manufacturer will introduce the structure of PLC control cabinet

PLC control cabinet refers to programmable control cabinet, and control cabinet refers to the control cabinet of complete equipment, which can complete the adjustment of motor and power switch. PLC control cabinet has protection functions such as load, short-circuit fault and phase failure maintenance.

PLC control cabinet generally includes the following five parts:

Air leakage switch

A general air leakage switch, which is operated by the switching power supply of all boxes. I firmly believe that every cabinet must have an item.


This should be selected according to the project needs. For example, if the project is small, it can be an integrated PLC immediately. However, if the project is very large, it is likely that the control module and card type must be used, and at the same time, it may be redundant (that is, two sets of rotation applications).

Switching Mode Power Supply

For a 24VDC switching power supply circuit, most PLCs have built-in 24VDC switching power supply. It depends on whether this switching power supply circuit is necessary or not.

Solenoid valve

Generally, PLC can send the command to the control circuit immediately, but it is also possible to transfer the station by the solenoid valve first. For example, if the input / output port of your PLC is powered by 24VDC, but the connection point provided by the PLC must be 220VAC in the diagram drawn in your control circuit, then it is necessary to add a solenoid valve at the output port of the PLC, that is, the position of the solenoid valve when the command is sent out, but then let the connection point of the control circuit receive the on / off or normally closed point of the intermediate relay. It is also based on the specific situation to choose whether to apply the solenoid valve.

Terminal block

This is definitely an indispensable item for every cabinet. It can be equipped according to the total number of data signals. If it is a pure PLC control cabinet, it is basically necessary. If there are other things in your control cabinet, it depends on the situation. For example, you may need to supply power to some instrument panels or small control cabinets on the spot, and you may need to increase the total number of air switches. Or if you need PLC to be connected to the upper computer software, you may have to upgrade the network switches. It depends on the situation.