The distribution cabinet manufacturer will explain the structure of the control cabinet to you

The distribution cabinet manufacturer will explain the structure of the control cabinet to you

Detailed introduction to processing process characteristics of PS framework universal control box

1. The box door is 25mm and 2.5mm thick assembly plate from the ground, and there are 20mm wide U-shaped bending edges on both sides, which promotes higher compressive strength of the assembly plate and is also conducive to transportation.

2. The three cables of the bottom box are led into the rear cover plate, which can be replaced with each other. It is easy to move, easy to lead the cables, and easy to drill three-phase five wires.

3. The grounding device foundation bolt 5 and load hinge are installed on the cabinet door. It is very easy to change the cabinet door. The door can be opened 130 °.

4. The plastic slider can be used to send the assembly plate into the cabinet from the front face of the box according to the slide rail. 7. The solid rectangular structure can not only strengthen the compressive strength of the middle door, but also can be used to fix the stationary assembly of electrical components (used in conjunction with the door assembly crossbar).

5. The side plate can be easily assembled and fixed with nuts; The door can also be modified.

6. The standard configuration is ms821 lock, and the upper, middle and lower three points clamp the box door.

7. Sealing ring: polyurethane foam rubber strip to ensure waterproof grade.

8. The lifting waterproof edge at the cabinet door sleeve shall cooperate with the sealing ring of the cabinet door to prevent water and dust from falling into the cabinet.

9. (one door) up and down exchange open door design scheme, easy to use. Standardized modular assembly hole design scheme, convenient assembly.

10. Interior light, easy assembly and inspection (optional).

11. Briefcase, convenient for on-the-spot work (optional).

12. The assembly beam can be assembled in the exhibition cabinet without using the assembly board (choose the option by yourself).

13. Centrifugal fan and filter screen ensure natural ventilation in the cabinet, with waterproof grade of IP54 (optional). 14. Base, mobile, theme movable, easy to disassemble and assemble (optional).

15. Double assembly board, large installation volume (optional).

16. Door assembly strip for easy assembly.

17. The full frame baffle, front and rear doors, cast-in-place plates and bottom plates of the box can be used to meet various requirements and facilitate assembly and maintenance.