Distribution box manufacturer introduces frequency conversion cabinet to you

The power distribution box manufacturer introduces the frequency conversion cabinet to you: the frequency conversion cabinet uses the frequency converter to drag the control box of the power system. Because of its excellent operating characteristics, speed change characteristics and practical effects of energy conservation and environmental protection, it has become the driving force drag method of marketing promotion at this stage.

1. Characteristics:

The high efficiency, environmental protection and energy conservation are calculated by the electrical engineering formula. The function loss of the motor in the system software is related to the rated power of the motor. When the working pressure does not change, the water flow of the centrifugal pump is positively related to the rated power of the motor. The facility adopts the constant pressure working mode. When the water demand decreases, the system software maintains the constant pressure of the pipeline network, reduces the water flow according to the reduction of the number of revolutions of the centrifugal pump, and reduces the power consumption according to the characteristics of cubic meters. For example, the water flow is 80% of the rated value, the motor energy consumption is 51.2% [(0.83)] of the rated value, and the power saving is 48.8%. The power saving rate of the specific system software is lower than the standard deviation, but it is still very rich.

2. Function:

The high-power frequency conversion cabinet can greatly reduce the impact of the high-power centrifugal pump and centrifugal fan on the power and the large pressure drop, and the actual effect of power saving is obvious

As an early product, the general frequency converter has been gradually sold in China for nearly ten years. The total sales volume has gradually increased. It can be said that there is a sales market exceeding billions of yuan (RMB) in the whole year. Among them, a variety of imported well-known brands account for the majority, and the output power is as small as 100 watts to more than 1000 kW; Simple or complicated functions; Low or high precision; Slow or fast response: PG (speed limiter) or no PG; With or without noise.

For many consumers, there have been many upgrades in the past decade. Most of the frequency converters used now are excellent models. If we look at the application, our level is no different from that of capitalist countries. As a Chinese manufacturer, based on the overseas leading technology in the past decade, it has also actively carried out the independent development and design of domestic variable-frequency governors and diligently pursued the level of the developed regions in the world.

Looking back at the technical progress of overseas general-purpose frequency converters in the past decade, it should be said that it is of great practical significance to deeply understand and communicate the trend of AC drive system and control system, and how to develop and design products in China based on the solid foundation and the basic national conditions of China.

3. Efficacy:

1) Operate the motor;

2) Carry out variable frequency power supply system for the motor to change the speed ratio of the motor.

4. Application:

1. It is widely used in various types of constant pressure drinking water supply systems in cities and towns

2. Closed loop control of power supply, drinking water and fire water of multi-storey buildings, and constant pressure operation of industrial production

3. Automatic control system of centrifugal water pump and heating circulating water pump for heating furnace

4. Agricultural irrigation and music fountain manipulation

5. Operation of air conditioning unit and circulating water system

6. Secondary pressure charging operation of data flow system software for water supply plant, pump house and petrochemical equipment

7. Tslb frequency conversion cabinet can be applied to a variety of motor control cabinets that must be energy-saving projects or that must run at 0 speed.