The distribution cabinet manufacturer introduces the console to you

The power distribution cabinet manufacturer introduces the operating table to you: the working table is a technical professional office table used by the weak current installation machine and equipment operators in the main machine room. All the facilities are enclosed in the internal structure of the working table, clean, tidy, beautiful and airy; The increased internal structure structure brings the possibility to improve the placement of specially made options, many computer motherboards or other machines and equipment. At the same time, the internal structure is set with a multi-purpose cable intelligent management system to complete the separation of strong and weak current, with stronger versatility.

Workbench requirements

(1) There must be 10 production scheduling places and two seats in a group. Each place is suitable for two 22 foot display screens. A total of 18 22 foot 16:10 display screen machines and equipment must be loaded. The display screen is suspended on the side plate of the control panel through the display arm. The relative height of the back wall is 320mm. The back wall is made of aluminum. The surface layer is solved by wear-resistant four stroke, anti-static, and has a concave groove that is convenient for the suspension of the display arm.

(2) The internal structure of each quota is set with a server tray that can hold the main board of the computer. The computer keyboard, computer mouse and display screen are connected with the server in the host room according to the KVM. The baffle is equipped with convenient disassembly and assembly, which is conducive to placing the KVM added machines and equipment.

(3) The control panel must provide 8 6-bit 3-hole PDU switching power supplies.

(4) There is one information content socket for every three places. The pop-up method includes 2 mobile phones, 2 Internet, 1 VGA, 1 3.5 audio interface, 2 power plugs and 1 microphone socket.

(5) The length of each group of quota is ≥ 6 meters, and it can also be designed and manufactured according to the indoor space of the bedroom. The length of the standard quota is 600mm800mm / 1000mm / 1200mm.

Design scheme and reasonable layout of production scheduling workbench

(1) The design of the dispatching console integrates the actual situation of the bid inviter, with reasonable layout, beautiful appearance, high usability, and conforms to the safety specifications and ergonomic requirements. The design scheme shall be carried out according to the specific total area and specifications of the control core and the feasibility of its spatial planning, and the flexibility with all indoor environments shall be considered.

(2) The operation flexibility of the assembly and protection of the dispatching console, the overall selection of combined design scheme, convenient disassembly and future expansion,

(3) The internal structure has great changeability, supplemented by a variety of technical professional machine equipment support frames and internal parts, making assembly and adjustment more convenient.

(4) The internal structure of the dispatching console has cable buried holes or the same cable intelligent management system, which can be arranged in different parts to make the wiring convenient and orderly.

(5) The non-metallic materials adopted by the cabinet countertops and behavior subjects should have the characteristics of fire prevention and flame retardance. Various raw materials should be environmental protection materials to ensure the health and safety of the employees.

Regulations on environmental protection of production dispatching workbench

The material of the control panel table complies with the national standard Greenguard verification.

The adhesive used for the operation console shall be the adhesive conforming to the green environmental protection regulations.

No VOC (volatile organic matter) shall be discharged from the raw materials used for painting on the console.

The control panel shall be provided with the inspection report of the national furniture and indoor environment quality supervision and inspection center.

The control panel shall be certified by the natural environment quality system.

The control panel shall comply with the occupational health quality system certification.

Framework provisions

The control panel architecture shall meet the following drawing specifications (the overall width can be adjusted according to the embedded 22 foot display size).

(1) Main architecture

The main frame of behavior includes two side windows and left and right bearing beams; A separate control module is generated according to the connection of universal connectors. The universal components in the middle of each component are consistent and exchangeable. After the overall connection, the internal structure of each plate is completely connected, and various cables can be freely connected in the control panel.

(2) Rear beam

Assemble the load-bearing rear beam at the rear side of the main structure, and the thickness of the sheet metal shall not be less than 3mm

(3) Back wall

The back wall is fixed on the rear beam, and the concave plate of its suspension display arm shall be produced and processed with aluminum profile with a cross-sectional thickness of not less than 2mm. The back wall is generally connected with the behavior main structure and the rear beam according to the specification of square steel pipe no less than 25mm * 25MM. The thickness of the cross section of the square steel pipe is no less than 2mm. After assembly, it is connected into a whole.

(4) Large control panel arm

The load-bearing arm of the door panel assembled at the front side of the behavior main frame, and the thickness of its sheet metal shall not be less than 3mm.

(5) Neutral pole

In the middle of the long parallel line control module, the neutral pole is used to divide the indoor space, and the door leaf is assembled on the Chinese upright pole and the side window by hinge method or suspension method. The six position three hole PDU power module can be placed behind the neutral pole.

(6) Spare parts

Assemble the server tray in the control module. Optical fiber distribution frame, PDU and cabofi bridge can be provided as required. The upper bearing beam shall be embedded with a round hole for assembling 86 boxes every 6 inches to facilitate the assembly of various strong and weak current sockets. The three-phase five wire round hole of the lower bearing beam needs to be assembled with a plastic wire sheath to avoid scratching of the cable. A single or two-layer computer keyboard rack can be installed under the cabinet table.

(7) Raw materials and production and processing

Each member in the frame shear wall shall be pressed and processed by first-class cold-rolled plate, bent and formed by sheet metal, the behavior main structure shall be produced and processed by first-class cold-rolled plate with a thickness of not less than 2mm, the bearing wall member shall be produced and processed by first-class cold-rolled plate with a thickness of not less than 3mm, and the external surface shall be painted with electrostatic induction electrostatic powder.

(8) Front and rear left and right door leaves of the behavior subject structure

The left and right door leaves before and after the frame shall be manufactured and processed with solid wood particle board and imported fire-resistant board, with the overall thickness of no less than 20mm. The connection hinge shall be assembled with high-end noiseless buffer hinge, which shall have the advantages of light weight, good tactile feeling and low door opening noise, so as to ensure that it can be opened without hindrance for 100000 times. At the same time, the hinge installation method must be quick installation, convenient assembly and disassembly.

(9) Deep category

The deep regulation of dispatching console is (1000-1100mm).

(10) Deviation provisions

Line shape within ± 0.5mm (including this number);

Vertical ± 0.5 ° (including this number).

Regulations for cabinet top

The surface layer shall be covered with high toughness and high pressure wear-resistant steel (HPL) with high temperature resistance, smoke burning resistance, collision resistance, moisture and cold resistance, moisture resistance and corrosion resistance. The rear control panel shall have sufficient bearing capacity to ensure the stability of the horizontal. A part of the control panel is of chip structure, and each part and the whole frame should be comprehensive. The operation panel of the control panel shall be detachable without any software.

(1) Table top structure of worktable and cabinet

The worktable and the cabinet top are divided into two parts: the size control panel. A gap of no less than 10mm is embedded between the small control panel and the back wall and the large control panel to facilitate the outgoing line from the bottom group of the main structure to the cabinet table.

The small control panel is the front maintenance control panel, which is produced and processed with solid wood particle board and imported fire-resistant board, with an overall thickness of no less than 20mm. It is connected with the behavior main structure according to the plastic snap type interface. Its front face is equipped with a pop-up stainless steel plate button, which is convenient to take out small control panel and repair goods

The large control panel shall be manufactured and processed with solid wood particle board and imported fire-resistant board, with the overall thickness not less than 27mm. The arrow symbol groove shall be opened in the middle of two large control panels. The support rods not less than 100mm long and not less than 6mm thick shall be used to connect both sides. After the overall connection, it must be smooth and clean without gaps.

(2) Edge wrapping process of large control panel

At the contact position between the front end of the big eye and the body, the soft polyurethane material with a width of not less than 30mm shall be applied to the arc-shaped paint free plate edge strip on the duck's beak to ensure that the operator's arms are comfortable during work. The back inner hole shall be sealed with a soft polyurethane paint free plate with a thickness of not less than 6mm. After assembly, it shall be 8mm higher than the cabinet top to avoid slipping of stationery such as signature pen.

The formaldehyde content standard of solid wood particle board used in control panel, door leaf and cabinet products shall meet the national industrial standard (the inspection report provided by the reliable testing center shall be provided)

The structure, appearance and application of various materials of the workbench products shall be provided with independent property rights by the bidding company, and relevant qualification certificates shall be provided

(3) Table of worktop and control panel

Equipment workbench: the internal structure is 1 "(25mm) sandwich plate, and the surface layer is high pressure HPL.

The edge of the cabinet top: it is produced by casting soft polyurethane in the field, and the total width is not less than 30mm.

The front face of the machine and equipment: (the internal structure is 18mm solid wood particle board), and the surface layer is high pressure HPL. It is necessary to use hinges to simplify the assembly.

Working face width: 450mm-800mm;

The distance between the surface layer and the road surface is 720-750mm, and the relative height can be adjusted by adjusting the foot at the bottom;

Support point arm of equipment workbench: the compressive strength of raw materials shall be no less than 10 cold rolled plate; The compressive strength of the reinforcing rod shall not be lower than 12 cold rolled plate.

Bottom support point: the stress shall not be less than 110ksi.

HPL cover: rated thickness: not less than 1.2mm; Thickness deviation: ± 0.12mm (including this number); Damage characteristic impedance: not less than 400 cycle time.

Technical standard for regulating and monitoring console

The main structure of the regulation and monitoring console is mostly the same as that of the general monitoring console.

The electric lifting system structure is selected for the key part (desktop, computer keyboard control, display support) of the supervision of the actual operation staff.

Performance parameters: 10 gauge (3.429 mm) cold rolled plate is selected as the frame shear wall of the monitoring console, and stamping processing and CNC (numerical control lathe) precise positioning and hole opening production processing are selected to make the structural frame. According to this construction frame tension to produce a polished, square structure.

10 gauge (3.429 mm) cold rolled steel plate is used as the raw material for the main support point structure; 12gauge (2.667mm) cold rolled steel plate raw materials are selected for the assistance framework.

Manufacturing deviation is controlled within: linear ± 0.5mm; Vertical ± 0.5 °

The main frame shear wall is also composed of the same control module design principle and angle as the general process;

The design of various structural frames shall comply with the requirements of ergonomics;

The installation position of the monitoring console machine equipment and the intelligent management system of the cable and cable all carry out a unique design scheme, which is conducive to the assembly, application and adjustment of the facilities.